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GentleLase Candela Mini Rental

The best technology, within everyone's reach.

O  All4laser International Group stands out in the rental market for the quality of laser hair removal equipment, as well as for the service, totally dedicated to the customer, in terms of training, technical and commercial.  


All4laser rents its laser hair removal equipment with state-of-the-art technology, considered the best in the world:  Candela Alexandrite Laser and Alma Lasers Soprano Diode XL Laser


All our customers are trained by our Clinical and Training Department, in order to ensure that all our partners are able to work safely and effectively with any of our equipment to offer the best possible service to their customers.  

Advantages of the rental system:

  • Access to the best and latest technology on the market

  • Develop the work according to your schedule

  • Customers are attended to and accompanied by you and your team

  • Prices are set by you, without interference!

  • Certified training and clinical follow-up

  • No worries or costs with equipment maintenance or assistance

  • Access to advertising material

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