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Soprano accord



  • Treatments: Waxing, folliculitis

  • Type: Laser Diode

  • Wavelength: 810 nm

  • Repetition Rate: up to 10 Hz

  • Handles dimension: 10 x 12 mm

  • Dimensions: 40  cm x 35 cm x 120 cm

  • Weight: 50  kg


Soprano Accord

The Soprano Accord, with patented technology  SHR by Alma Lasers, is a revolutionary diode laser hair removal system. With a wavelength of 810 nm it offers one of the safest and  most effective on the market.  The Soprano Accord ™ gradually heats the dermis until the hair follicle is damaged, preventing growth, without hurting the skin or causing discomfort to the client.  


With the Soprano Accord ™ you can offer hair removal all year round. All skin and fur types can be treated, including tanned skin.


  Thanks to the patented IN-Motion ™ Alma Lasers technology, even the most sensitive areas can be treated easily without causing inconvenience.

Soprano Accord IN-Motion™ technology significantly reduces the number of sessions required to complete treatment, achieving unbeatable results and increased patient satisfaction.  


It can work in HR mode, like conventional lasers, in static mode and deliver high energy in a single pulse or work in SHR mode on the move, IN-Motion ™.

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