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Used equipment with warranty

5 Advantages  when purchasing used equipment with warranty

Today's entrepreneur is constantly making tough decisions about how to expand his business and keep up to date.  It is important to offer a wide range of treatments, even when the investment budget is limited.  If you're thinking about buying new technology for your business, consider used equipment.  


Below are the top five advantages of buying used equipment with warranty.  


As a business owner, budget for new technologies is a factor.  crucial in decision-making.  And it's no surprise that new equipment is expensive.  New equipment manufacturers set a high price to recoup years of research and development expenses.  So, as soon as the machine is sold, it immediately loses a percentage of its value.  A company would have to use the equipment during  several years until actually  o pay and start profiting.

Saving money is the main reason most clinics consider  buy used equipment. It is true that the financial difference is significant.  Many types of equipment used​​ can be purchased for about half the price of new ones.  For your company this would mean making a profit on the investment in  half of the time.


The equipment used​​ they also offer opportunities to save money in the long run.  Instead of paying the high fees that machine builders often charge, used equipment​​ can be repaired and maintained by independent/multi-brand companies.  Older models are generally less complicated, making repairs  and the  faster preventive maintenance.  Also, maintenance is likely to be less expensive because replacement parts are  available.


It's true that the technology is constantly evolving, but not as quickly as manufacturers would like us to think.  The development of brand new equipment and FDA approval takes a long time.  For this reason, newer models sold on the market may not be that different from older models or the original.  From year to year, manufacturers can update  the software, add a more ergonomic handpiece  or increase laser speed.  The main function, design and effectiveness of laser equipment, however, generally remains the same.

For a clinic, buying used equipment means getting essentially the same level of technology at a much lower price.  


Some business owners think that buying new equipment directly  to  manufacturer is the only way to ensure that they work properly.  Fortunately, this isn't the only solid option.  Used machines are a great  alternative as they also come with a guarantee.  When  If you buy from a serious and reputable company, you can be assured that the equipment is of high quality and works well.  The reputation of a company  it depends on the products available; that's why the equipment used​​ are always carefully inspected  and reconditioned before being resold.

With used equipment, you can also get ratings from other people who have used that model.

As the equipment has been on the market for a few years, it is possible to research different models and find out which one was most effective based on the first-hand experience of others.


Buying used machines offers many companies  the possibility  to select  the equipment  right to expand your business.  As used equipment is significantly cheaper, your company may purchase more than one.  Offer a wide range of treatments  or treating more customers in a given period of time is a way to increase your profit.  Use your technology investment budget in the most beneficial way.

Based on the article: "5 Benefits of buying used aesthetic Lasers" in Laser Services Solutions

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