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  • Treatments: rejuvenation , reducing the effects of the sun and skin aging, smoothing expression lines, wrinkles and surgical and acne scars,  vaginal rejuvenation (internal and external), treatment of symptoms such as  dryness, pain during intercourse and irritation - all often associated with menopause, childbirth or vulvovaginal atrophy.

  • Laser Type: Co2

  • Wavelength: 10.600 nm

  • Repetition Rate: up to  16.7 kHz

  • Pulse Duration:  20 - 3000 ms

  • Spot dimensions: 150 mm and 120 mm

  • Dimensions: 40  cm  x 44  cm  x 77 cm  

  • Weight: 26 kg



With the Cynosure signature, market leader for nearly 20 years, Vectus® is the result of Palomar Medical's R+D+I technology, developed in conjunction with the Wellman Institute of Harvard University. With FDA approval, this medical laser is a powerful and specialized solution for cancer treatments.  laser hair removal  and elimination of unwanted hair.

Vectus is the laser hair removal equipment with the biggest spot (dot) on the market, which allows for a shorter duration of treatments, which can be adjusted to the patient's needs. The large spot (8.7cm2) allows for quick coverage of the area and is indicated for the treatment of large areas such as the back or legs. The small spot allows for greater precision in the treatment and is suitable for small areas such as armpits.

By incorporating Skintel™ – the first FDA-approved quantitative melanin reader on the market to measure the degree of skin pigmentation – it allows you to achieve a wide margin of therapeutic safety, safely and efficiently establishing the level of skin pigmentation, providing parameters exact for each patient.

The patented cooling system, Advanced Contact CoolingSM  it also allows keeping the sapphire lens at a temperature of 5ºC, minimizing risks and maintaining patient comfort during the session. In addition, its unique Photon RecyclingSM system promotes a greater energy contribution with each shot, reducing the need to perform multiple passes.


Vectus is the best medical option for hair removal treatments. With the indisputable safety and low maintenance cost of a laser diode, it allows achieving permanent hair reduction in various skin phototypes and fur colors, with minimal discomfort for the patient.

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