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lightsheer duet



  • Treatments: Waxing

  • Type / Frequency: Diode

  • Wavelength: 805 nm

  • Spot Size: 9mm x 9mm / 22mm x 35mm

  • Pulse Duration 5-400 ms  / 30 - 400ms

  • Repeat Rate Up to 3 Hz

  • Dimensions: 44 x 50 x 112 cm

  • Weight: 48 kg


LightSheer Duet  

What is Laser Lightsheer Duet?


  - Laser Lightsheer Duet is a revolutionary innovation in the field of hair removal. This cutting-edge laser technology offers a better cosmetic solution to remove unwanted hair from different areas of the body, efficiently targeting hair follicles.

  - Laser Lightsheer Duet is virtually painless and can help you achieve smoother, more radiant skin in less than 15 minutes.


How does the Lightsheer Duet laser work?

  - This non-invasive hair removal treatment uses an 805 nm diode laser to target the dark pigment (melanin) of the patient's hair follicle. Lightsheer Duet's calibrated laser light heats the capillary structure to 70°C in order to destroy melanin and prevent further growth. Repeated laser pulses ensure complete hair removal.


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