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  • Treatments:  

  • Laser Type: Co2

  • Wavelength: 10.600 nm

  • Repetition Rate: up to  16.7 kHz

  • Pulse Duration:  20 - 3000 ms

  • Spot dimensions: 150 mm and 120 mm

  • Dimensions: 40  cm  x 44  cm  x 77 cm  

  • Weight: 26 kg



CO 2 lasers produce light at a wavelength of 10,600 nm, which is absorbed by water in tissue. The laser energy heats the water until it reaches the boiling point causing the affected tissue to evaporate.

Some heat is absorbed by tissue adjacent to the target area of ablation, causing tissue coagulation that induces hemostasis (the cessation of bleeding), as well as thermal stimulation of the deep layers of the skin, which induces the stimulation of fibroblasts and neocollagenesis (the formation of new collagen).


The laser beam can also be transmitted through a scanner, which is a device used to further control the energy supply. The scanner regulates the setting of energy delivered to the skin, which can range from covering the entire treatment area or just a fraction of it (leaving the intermediate areas untreated); (also known as fractional ablation). The general effect of ablation and coagulation, total or fractional, is to remove the skin and stimulate the body to replace it with younger, younger skin.

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